​Google Play Services Takes Up Too Much Space, Fix It Without Uninstalling Updates

Google Play Services takes up too much space, fix it without uninstalling updates….. Different Apps data are constantly synced to it……however, clearing Apps data won’t fix this storage issue….uninstalling updates won’t fix it either because Google Play Services is very crucial to many Apps’ functionality…..see how you fix this storage issue permanently…..

Clearing Apps cache and data on Android device are always necessary most especially when your device starts notifying you of “insufficient storage” though, this is not a big deal actually since just tapping on “clear data” in settings =>Apps could resolve this issue for most Apps but then, this isn’t the case with Google Play Services, as you won’t see a “clear data” tab directly but a “manage space” tab.

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To start with, we need to understand that Google Play Services is a critical framework that provides updated API support for Apps regardless of what Android version you are running. As we already know, Android suffers from fragmentation which is mainly due to lack of updates from OEMs.

Hence Google Play Services come into play by ensuring that you get a better experience even if you are on an older version  of Android.

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Google Drive, Google News, GMail, Hangout, Google Play Music, YouTube and every other sync enabled Apps need Google Play Services to work and with each of these Apps’ data being synced to Google Play Services (let’s term Google Play Services GPS as far as this particular post is concerned) automatically, GPS would be the most storage consuming Apps on any Android device since it deals with data from many apps. 

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Before now, everyone thought heading to Settings > Apps > Google Play Services> “Manage Space” > Clear data would fix the huge chump of storage consumed by GPS just like that but obviously, things don’t work that way with this particular service as clearing the data within Google Play Services won’t create any fix to the storage issue, this is because GPS would resync those data within hours thereby causing storage space to fill up once again.

Using Gmail as one of the Apps relying on GPS for example, Gmail App would normally sync all E-mails from the gmail server to your Android phone.

Basically, the more E-mails in your Gmail account, the more storage it consumes. However, clearing the data within Google Play Services, would only cause the Gmail app to resync those E-mails, causing storage space to gradually refill and using bandwidth to re-download those cleared E-mails to its Gmail App in the process.

Secondly, it’s good to also know that simply uninstalling updates won’t help and this is because Google Play Services auto updates itself without your permission. You just can’t stop it. 

Furthermore, Google Play Services is very crucial to various Apps functionality, as such,  it’s not advisable to remove / uninstall them as you could require them later. You can uninstall for an App only to be asked to install the services before it can function properly, this is why we won’t advise anyone to remove the services.


Either clean up your entire Gmail inbox from within Gmail.com itself or disable the Gmail App, until Google adds a feature to limit Gmail app’s storage or fixes the limit of the amount of E-mail messages that the Gmail app can sync.

A better alternative is to disable Google Play Services, and to recover space afterwards, do these:
★ Goto Settings 
★ Tap Apps
★ Select the App
★ Clear the data
★ After this, freeze the App
When frozen, it will not redownload the cleared data and it will  not automatically update since its the updates that consume space.

You will also notice that your phone will start to perform better since Google Play Services is a very processor heavy App. Disabling it will increase your battery life, free up storage and make the phone smooth.

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