How to download Instagram Pictures And Videos Without Needing A Third Party App | Download Latest GB Instagram V1.30 for Android

c505218304b50c59c3659f6dda43bae7-links-3–>Instagram is no doubt one of the best and most used photo and video sharing platform,coming up with one top feature or the other with almost every updates. But one important feature Instagram hasn’t added is the ability to download other uses shared media directly to your device. But we will be showing you how to download photos and videos directly on Instagram without needing a separate third party App for that.

As we already know, the highest Instagram only allow you do is to bookmark shared media by other users to your profile. Asides that, you would need to download a third party App to save those shared media. This is not always convenient as most of these third party Instagram shared media downloaders  require you to enter your Instagram’s login details to access the media for deownload. Also, downloading third party Apps also diminishes your device storage. With that said, how then do you download photos and videos directly on instagram without needing a separate third party App?.

In order to download photos and videos directly on instagram without needing a separate third party App with the official Instagram App, then you will be needing an App dubbed “GB Instagram” it is one of the best modded version of the official Instagram App,  just like we have its Whatsapp counterpart in GB Whatsapp, I believe many of us are already familiar with that.

GB Instagram was developed by  Atnfas Hoak who is also the developer of  GBWhatsapp Apk. Aside being able to download photos and videos directly on instagram without needing a separate third party App, the App also let you copy comments, share image and video links directly.



Features Of GB Instagram Apk


  • Allow Users To Download any Images, Stories and Videos From Instagram
  • Allow Users to Upload Images and Videos From Alsturi.
  • Translate Comments into your desired Language
  • Allow Users to Copy Comments
  • You can Copy and Share Images Links and Videos Directly
  • Change Theme Conversations screen and conversion
  • Able to Zoom In/Out for photos
  • Play Audio with Video Automatically
  • Allow Users to Copy Description
  • Notification Count
  • No Root Require to Download
  • Allow to Use Two Instagram in the Same Phone


Download GB Instagram App Here



gb instagram
How To Install GB Instagram on your Android Smartphone


  • First, download the latest version of GB Instagram from this LINK.
  • Launch the app and login with your Instagram details.

You are good to go. With GBInstagram, you will be able to download photos and videos directly without needing a separate third party App. Since GB Instagram possesses all the features on the official Instagram App and even more, you may decide to delete the original Instagram App to save storage on your device.



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