​​Ghanaian Guy Allegedly Acquires A Female Sex Doll But Not Everyone Is Pleased [See Photos]

Recall we one dropped an update on a porn star who claimed sex robots are putting women in the industry out of work.
Obviously,the idea of sex dolls don’t seem to go down well with not only females in the adult industry, but also the female folks in general. This is because they see sex dolls more as probably a big force to contend with. As such, they are willing to do anything to discourage men from owning these sex dolls, utilizing every available social media platform to vent their annoyance every time the issue of sex dolls comes up. 

With that said, a young Ghanaian guy named Koffi Prince posted to Facebook page that he just got delivery of his female sex doll he ordered and this got everyone talking but trust me, the females ain’t just talking about this but shouting the displeasure for the dolls.

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With the debate still raging on on social media as to whether this new s*x dolls can replace women as far as s*x is concerned in a relationship the American company responsible for their production released images of the male version on the internet.

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His actions sure drew the attention of people, check out their reactions;
Kvng wylyam
Ladies have u seen what you have driven the guy to do
Uncle Rich Mba
10 Reasons why these s*x DOLLS is the best
1. It Wont cheat 🙄
2. It wont lie 🤓
3. It wont ask for money after s*x 👉🏼👌💵
4.No unwanted pregnancy 🙆🏽‍♂️
5.No s*xual Transmitted disease 🙆🏽‍♂️
6.No mensural Cycle 🤬
7. No v**ina Discharges , or body odor 😗
8.You can have s*x with it anytime you want
9.It Saves Money , no need to buy gifts or any birthday, or xmas presents
10. It yours forever till you die , it wont complain even when you cheat on her

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Koyfi Boateng
That is awesome all the best man.enjoy your life and don’t mind what people will say #no spending,no jealousy, no cheating,and no broken heart move on enjoy it #u can call me so that I will come try it hahahahahahahaha lol

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Gloria Appiah

Dis thing hmmmm an evil spirits can even stay in the doll

Pinocchio GH

Bcux now adays the only duty these gals play in relationship is s*x,so they afraid wen they heard about da doll-mob3ti dwiii-small tym da game boys go shop am more,so the price go come down,ebi der we go see

George kojo Atuah

Gloria Appiah

Dis thing hmmmm an evil spirits can even stay in the doll

Pinocchio GH

You girls have already replaced us with dildo,s… Sounds weird to some girls seeing a s*x doll yet they use dildo’s🤔

Kwardo Darkwa

Makeup bills ❌

Brazilian hair ❌

iPhone X ❌

Phone credit ❌

Rent ❌

Birthday gift ❌

Family issues ❌

And others ❌

Every Pu**y be Pu**y

Bro enjoy koraa , don’t mind them

Jeffrey G Barnes

Am confused here, a s*x doll!! for real?

Ask your mum if she was a doll could she have given birth to a prick like you?

Man I just don’t get you, if you spent GH10,000 on just a doll and you can’t ask a lady out or either have a relationship. Then sorry to say this: YOU ARE REALLY f**kED UP!!

And if you’re already in one then I really think with straight confidence that you don’t deserve that lady…

And if you’re already in one then I really think with straight confidence that you don’t deserve that lady…

These past weeks, sex robots trended more on black twitter with females twitting 1000 reasons why sex dolls would never replace them and even dropped the scariest tweet like “The sex doll could electrocute the male user when he busts a nut.



But Kings, are you also planning of owning one of these sex doll? Let’s get your feedbacks in the comment box below.
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