​​Here Is Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Messenger Immediately

Your phone will surely thank you after reading this…… Many people may not believe this but this app actually……..

Facebook Messenger popularly known as Messenger, is one of the most used popular instant messaging services in the world, boasting over 1.2 BILLION users worldwide. It is an instant messaging service and software application which was originally developed as Facebook Chat in 2008, the company revamped its messaging service in 2010, and subsequently released standalone iOS and Android apps in August 2011. 

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Despite its popularity and also noting the fact that it is the official Facebook’s IM, this App is also one of the most power-hungry and memory consuming apps on your entire phone. Many people may not believe this but it’s the bitter truth, the app actually consumes alot of your data, your device’s storage space and also, excessively drains your device battery.


However, just like YoutubeGo the lite version of the classic Youtube App which was developed to work conveniently in areas with lowly internet connections and also extremely minimize data usage when streaming videos on the App, there is also a lite version of the Facebook messenger App that could give your struggling device  another lease of life. 

It’s called Messenger Lite. Although, some might have already been using it but obviously, not everyone make use of it yet.

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As with the lite version of almost any App, this App was originally developed for use in countries with poor internet connections like lowly 2G networks and another notable attribute of Facebook messenger lite is that it extremely saves and minimize data usage i.e it uses less data when it comes to posting or viewing the News Feed which is not the case in the original messenger. 

Talking of storage space, Facebook messenger lite requires less storage space of about 20MB compared to 100MB. 

To further minimize data usage when on the App, Facebook has removed some of the additional features like Discover tabs, Strips away (Facebook’s version of Snapchat stories)  and Games which many users might actually find preferable.

Facebook messenger lite currently works in Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela plus 132 other countries including the UK.

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In conclusion, if we were to ask which minimizes data usage more between Facebook Lite and opening Facebook through Browsers which would you pick?

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