​​How To Delete All Your Gmail Inbox At Once On Android Or Any Other Mobile Device

Deleting all of Gmail’s inbox at once on Desktops and PCs is no big deal actually, however, trying to delete all of your Gmail inboxes on mobile devices is pretty much a difficult task but by the time you are done reading this post, you would be able to delete all of your Email inbox at once from your Android or any other mobile devices. 

​​How To Delete All Your Gmail Inbox At Once On Android Or Any Other Mobile Device

Google, as many of us already know, runs many free web based tools and services of which Gmail, a free, advertising-supported email service is one. Gmail is just a free  email service provider powered by Google and similar to Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

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 Currently, Gmail boasts of more than 400 million users worldwide with the services accessible on the web and through mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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Electronic mail (E-mail) allows you to send letters, posts with any other files attached on a much faster way using a digital platform. E-mails are basically very important, from Job seekers sending Job applications, Digital/Affiliate marketers using it for advertisements, confirmation of service and service subscriptions, infact its uses can never be overemphasized. 
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Deleting your Gmail inbox may arise as a result of having too many unread mails, having difficulty fetching desired mails per time or probably you want to free up space on your device. The fact still remains that something must have prompted you to wanting to delete all of your E-mail inbox.
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 As earlier said, deleting all your gmail inbox on a desktop computer is no big deal but then, doing same on an Android device is no easy task for real and this is because deleting of multiple E-mail is only available on desktop but don’t worry because with this trick, you will be able to wipe out all your Gmail inbox at once from a mobile device.

To delete all of your email at once, you will first need to sign-in into your Gmail from any browser that would allow you use the desktop interface, we recommend Chrome browser for this. A mobile browser with desktop option is needed to access the ‘delete all inboxes’ option which is not available in mobile layout or Gmail App by default, with that said, follow the steps below to delete all your Gmail inbox with one tap.

★ Open Chrome Browser (It’s comes with most Android devices)

★ Tap on the 3 dots at top right corner on the Chrome Browser for options 

★ Tick ‘Request desktop site’ 

★ Type www.gmail.com into the URL bar to open Gmail 

★ Sign-in into your account


★ From the lists of options on the left side of your Gmail inbox, Tap ‘More Labels’ drop down (Indicated with red dot in the image below)

★ Tap ‘All Mails’

★ Tap the small ‘Tick box’ just directly below the search bar to reveal a drop down 

★ From the drop down, select ‘All’ (This marks only the first 50 inboxes) 
★ To delete the entire inboxes, just tap ‘Select all conversations in all mail’ 

★ Now Tap the ‘Bin icon’ to delete all of your inboxes.

Within seconds, the entire inboxes will be completely wiped off.

Note: The deleted mails stay in trash box for 30 days, during which selected or all mails could be moved back to inbox.
That is how to delete all of your Gmail inbox on mobile devices.

​How To Delete All Your Gmail Inbox At Once On Android Devices

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