​​How To Get Rounded Display Corners On Android Devices

Most android smartphone hardware cases are designed with rounded corners but the display itself has squared corner. A close glimpse at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 device will clearly detail to you that the two flagship device will or perhaps be shipped in with stunning rounded corners. Thus they will feature a subtle curve at the corner of their screens giving it a smoother look. This however can definitely be a tremendous upgrade for the potential upcoming android smartphones.

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Thus having known how important, smooth and elegant the rounded display corners on any android device can be, “Flyperinc” the developer of Notify and other notable android app decided to build an application that can round the display corners of your android phone to merge it with your device hardware case corners. The app “cornerfly” offers many settings for various customization and you can configure it for each applications. Moreover it’s easy to tinker with and doesn’t require root access for a better functionality. Without further ado, let’s get started with the process…

Install Cornerfly. 
To get this one going, head over to the Google Play Store and painlessly download cornerfly  the app that will be used to round up the corners of your android device screen.

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Grant Accessibility Service
Next locate and open the app from your device app drawer, on first launch you’ll be asked to grant the app an additional permissions. Thus toggle the switch behind “Accessibility Service”. Note if you’re using android 5.0 lollipop and above, make sure you enable the “Service overlay” on the cornerfly app screen.

Now the app will automatically open the accessibility service option on your phone. From here, select cornerfly and on the next screen, enable the switch at the top of the app screen. Hit “Ok” on the pop-up that will appear, then tap the back button twice to head back to the app. Now press the “Check” button to finish the initial setup.
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Enable Rounded Corners
Next, an introduction will be showned, simply hit the “Skip” or rather “Next” button twice to jump into the app main interface. From here enable the switch at the top right corner of the cornerfly app main menu, then you’ll need to tweak some of the app settings.

But before that, notice that the bottom of the foreground app (which is just below the navigation bar) has been rounded up, cornerfly by default will not round the corners of your android device navigation bar but there’s a catch for this one.

Now to make the corners of your android device to look more smoother, select the “Applications” option via the cornerfly app main menu. Then tap on the icon at the top right corner of the app screen, a slide up will appear from the screen bottom. Toggle the “Enabled” button and tick the “Overlay Navigationbar” (optional) for any app that uses a color-match navigation bar

Note: You can manually go through the list and enable various apps then check the “Over Navigationbar”. This method however seems to be stressful but it gives you the privilege to configure the corners of a specific app on your android device.

Enjoy a Smoother Look Rounded Corners
Once you’re through tinkering with all the necessary settings via the cornerfly app, you’ll have a rounded display corners on every app on your android phone and on the home screen. No matter the kind of custom launchers you’re using, cornerfly will painlessly perform its duty/work perfectly.

Final Words
Overall, cornerfly gives your android device a sophisticated rounded display corners with a black overlay applied to the four corners of your device screen. You can also choose to define the size of the corners, and moreover upgrading the app to its pro version gets rid of adverts.




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