​​How To View Photos In Facebook Free Mode

We can always view photos in Facebook free mode without active data subscription on Airtel and 9mobile networks via www.0.facebook.com …. but one major issue with Facebook freemode is that, it doesn’t load photos, however, this post guides you on how to view photos in Facebook freemode often termed Free basic.
Free basic internet browsing is an initiative of internet.org, a highly controversial partnership between social networking services companies like Facebook and six other companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm) that plans to bring affordable access to selected Internet services to less developed countries by increasing efficiency, and facilitating the development of new business models around the provision of Internet access gives you seamless internet access to browse your fovourite social media, news and local content websites/blog all for free.

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Thanks to Airtel Africa’s partnership with Facebook, for bringing Facebook free mode also known as Freebasic to Nigeria.

Facebook free mode/ Freebasic, which has been around for almost a year allows you browse Facebook and some other social sites on Airtel and 9mobile SIMs for free, even without active subscription and obviously, this is no doubt a welcome development to Nigerian internet users as it allows users who find it difficult to afford data subscription access the internet for free or Facebook for free via www.0.facebook.com.

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But one thing with Facebook free mode / Freebasic is that, even though you will be able to access all of www.facebook.com tabs, you won’t be able to view photos and pictures but there is always a workabout to see pictures in Facebook freemode.

To do this, you would need your Android smartphone, an Airtel or 9mobile SIM card without active subscription or airtime on it, an internet connection and Facebook Lite App. With all these in your custody, let’s get down to it started.

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★ Download and install Facebook lite App
★ Log in to your Facebook account from the FBk lite App
★ Use the App for about a minute then close the App
★ Turn off your data connection 
★ Goto your Phone Setting 
★ Tap on Apps
★ Tap Facebook lite from the list of Apps to open it
★ Clear App data of Facebook lite App
★ Turn ON data connection
★ Launch Facebook Lite App
★ Sign in again 
Although, it won’t load when trying to login at this moment, so all you need do is exit the Facebook lite App, then launch it again. Relaunching the App will take you to

data mode and also see option for switching back to free mode. At this point, you will start seeing all images, photos and pictures. This means all images and photos will be visible for you to see now in Facebook free mode (freebasic) without active data subscription.

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