​​Samsung Finally Responds To Recent Phone Explosion

Remember the CCTV footage of the Samsung Grand Duos device that exploded while tucked in the chest pocket of an Indonesian man by the name ‘Yulianto?’ we actually posted the video on this site, if you missed the post, see it here and also watch the video below.
 As seen from the CCTV footage, Yulianto could be seen minding his business at his place of work “Hotel Ciptra Semarang in Jakarta when his 2013-era Samsung Grand duos😨 spontaneously burst into flames from his breast pocket.

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Samsung, having had their reputation dented in 2017 with one of their flagship device “the Samsung Galaxy Note 7” going up in flames as a result of battery defect was however quick to respond to the disturbing CCTV footage.

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Samsung told our correspondent that the device in question had a third-party component. The battery on the used device was not manufactured by Samsung or a company authorised by Samsung, it said. “We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung’s genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products.”

Although, Samsung shouldn’t be blamed for this since the device has been confirmed to contain third party accessory but then, this should  warn us about the potential dangers of some of these devices. In most developing nations of the world like Nigeria, use of third-party batteries and other components are  exceptionally common, this is because they tend to be cheaper than their original counterparts.
Here is the video for the Samsung Grand Duos explosion 

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