​​Apple Begins Global Offer Of $29 Out-Of-Warranty iPhones Battery replacements Today – Here Is How To Get Yours Now

Having been accused of slowing down old iPhones performance in our previous update  Apple not denying this has come out in past week to state the reasons for this and promised to offer global out of warranty replacement batteries for old iPhones like the iPhone 6 or later at discounted prices of $29 instead of $79

 This was earlier scheduled to run from ending of January 2018 till December 2018 globally but Alas, Apple has decided to begin the out-of-warranty replacement batteries for these old iPhones today.

Iphone battery replacement

“We expected to need more time to be ready,” the company said in a statement offered up to our correspondent this weekend, “but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.” Apple stated.
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In other words, get ‘em while the getting’s good. The steep $50 discount on battery replacement marked a rare public apology for the company, and many users are likely to jump on the opportunity to breathe a little extra life into their phone. The competition has certainly made the most out of the news. Chief competitors including Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola have all used the opportunity to note that they haven’t taken similar approaches with their handsets.

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Yesterday, meanwhile, iFixit used the apology as an excuse to discount its own iPhone battery replacement kit to $29, even as the news was already driving a spike in purchases. The company cited the potential wait time for battery replacements as a reason to jump on its offer.

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The delay as the company ramped up battery availability, coupled with the timing of scheduling a Genius Bar appointment have been a source of subsequent frustration for users already put off by a lack of transparency around the phone slowing policy. If you put in for a replacement prior today, the $50 discount would not apply to your phone.

For now, however, the offer’s good, as least as long as supplies last. Apple will be offering more details on the replacement program on its site.  

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