​Cyber Attack! Millions Of Pornhub Users Targeted

Adult site “pornhub” has been hit by what is known as malvertising, where millions of Pornhub visitors are presented fake adverts for web browser updates, Cyber security experts claim.

The hack was carried out by a group known as KovCoreG, Proofpoint said, who hoped to infect users with an ad fraud malware known as Kovter.

This type of malicious software is traditionally used as a form of online advertising fraud to generate money through clicks on fake adverts.

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In the case of Pornhub, Proofpoint said users were shown fake adverts urging them to click and download a new version or Flash update to their web browser but would instead infect their computers.

Proofpoint warned that this technique of tricking users into clicking on fake adverts and infecting themselves was effective, and had the potential to reach “millions of web surfers” if used elsewhere.

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“While the payload in this case is ad fraud malware, it could just as easily have been ransomware  an information stealer, or any other malware,” the company said

Pornhub is yet to comment on the incident.

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