​Driverless Bus Involved In Crash Two Hours After Hitting Las Vegas Road 

Driverless vehicles are becoming more common as the technology advances and companies start testing their creations on the roads for real.

One driverless bus was involved in a collision after just two hours out on the roads in Las Vegas but it wasn’t the computer’s fault.

A lorry driver reportedly reversed into the electric shuttle bus, so the crash actually came as the result of human error.

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Las Vegas city spokesperson Jace Radke said that the driverless bus stopped when it picked up the incoming lorry – but the human driver kept on moving.

No-one was hurt in the accident and the 12-passenger bus only suffered a minor prang. It was able to continue operating along its pre-planned route.

It has only been unveiled a couple of hours earlier as an example of driverless public transport that could be brought to US cities.

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The vehicle uses GPS tracking and special electronic kerb sensors to navigate its route while other sensors look out for possible collisions with pedestrians or other road users.



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