​How To Activate And Apply The ₦ Naira Symbol On Your Android Keyboard 

Before now, getting the ₦ symbol on our default Android keyboards or any other third party keyboard Apps had been much of a difficult task. This is because the ₦ symbol which signifies Naira in Nigeria wasn’t preinstalled in any of these Android keyboard Apps despite its importance. 

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The importance of the ₦ symbol can not be ignored especially if you writing article dealing with figures but before now, we have been limited to using the “N” or “#” symbols for Naira i.e #2000 or N2000.

But now, we can conveniently apply the ₦ symbol on our Android device. 

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All thanks to Google’s very own keyboard “Gboard” for listing the ₦ symbol on Gboard.

Without further ado, here is how to activate and use the ₦ symbols when writing monetary figures on Android devices.

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★ Download and install Gboard on your android device
★ New users should activate Gboard as the default keyboard
★ Go to settings » select language and input » go to keyboard and input method » select Gboard
★ Go to languages » switch off “ use system language ” » navigate and switch on “ English (Nigeria) ” as the default language for the keyboard
★ Wait a few minutes, then check your Gboard for the “ ₦ ” when you select the number button (?123 ).

That’s how to use the ₦ symbol instead of improvising with the ‘N’ or ‘# ’ or ‘=N= ’ anytime you wish. Thank to Google’s Gboard for this. 

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