​How To Install Google ARCore On Unsupported Android Devices

Google recently released a new SDK called Google ARCore which is aimed at bringing “directly” augmented reality capabilities on Android devices. 

Augmented reality being a technology that allows users add virtual contents to the environment they see with their device’s camera. According to Google, the ARCore is a place to build reality apps on Android and as the project integrates virtual elements in the real world by using motion tracking, light estimation and environmental understanding.

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Having ARCore on your device won’t be a bad idea but there is a big issue, this is because Google ARCore is currently supported on just Samsung Galaxy S8 and Pixel which are running on Android 7.0 Nougat and above. 

Although, Google promised to announce the ARCore on 100 million devices before the preview ends which means they would be working with other Android device manufacturers. This would probably take some time which i bet some of us don’t have the patience for. As such, we are curious to get alternative means to get the ARCore on our devices.

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Well, we have good news for you, as one of the developers at Github has come up with a way to install and use Google ARC on currently unsupported Android devices.

I know this sounds great, so if you are curious to get the ARCore installed on your Android devices, here is how to go about it.


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— Download and Install Google ARCore service APK from Here (It let’s you run any app built on ARCore platform) 

— Also, download and install Hello AR APK from Here  

 — Having downloaded the ARCore and Hello AR APK

— Launch Hello AR from device’s app drawer to see a camera interface

— Now point the camera towards a real environment and ARCore will automatically recognise it

— Finally,  tap on the screen to add elements.

— That’s it. 
In conclusion, that is how to use Google ARCore (Augmented Reality which is used add virtual contents to the environment seen with their device camera) on unsupported Android devices.

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