​How To Stay Safe From Wi-fi WPA2 KRACK Attack

We promised we would be providing tips on how to stay safe from Wi-fi WPA2 KRACK attack, so, here they are…..

KRACK attack, a Wifi WPA2 security vulnerability hits almost all planets’ wifi devices recently which made almost all planets’ devices vulnerable. We will be covering how to fix it in this post but then, we should let you know this about Android smart phone devices as it relates to the KRACK attack.

As we already know, Android devices don’t often get timely updates and some may never even receive one for KRACK and this could really be so problematic for Android Os since they are also vulnerable to this attack. But with an already patched router, there shouldn’t be any issue and again, since this vulnerability is making big waves device manufacturers will could be incentivized to release patches.

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Often we get software update notifications on our devices which we often ignore or just tap “Install Later” when the notification pops up. Now is not the time to ignore any update pushed out by your device manufacturers as these updates patch vulnerabilities like this help us stay safe from Wi-fi WPA2 KRACK attack. As we already stated above, not all devices have been patched for KRACK yet, but they will soon. And thankfully, as long as one device in a pair is patched, either the router or the computer/phone/tablet connecting to it, the data being transmitted between them should be safe.

What this means is that if you update your router firmware, your network should be protected. But you’ll still want to update your laptop, phone, tablet, and any other device you bring to other Wi-Fi networks, in case they are not patched. 

Obviously, computers, phones, and tablet will notify you of updates, but you should check your router manufacturer’s web site periodically for router firmware updates, if you have an older router, it may not get updated, but many newer ones hopefully should. 
Another way to stay stay safe from Wi-fi WPA2 KRACK attack is using HTTPS over HTTP.

 If you do anything sensitive over the internet such as: E-mail, banking services or any site that requires a password, make sure you do it over HTTPS. HTTPS isn’t perfect and some sites haven’t implemented it properly but it should still protect you in many situations.

How to know you are on HTTPS and not just HTTP:
— On the address bar check for  HTTPS before the site address i.e https://www.example.com and not http://www.example.com 
— Check for the little lock icon when you connect to any site that requires a password or credit card information. And make sure that lock icon stays there as you use the site, since an attacker could attempt to strip the HTTPS protection at any time.

Thankfully, many websites are using HTTPS by default these days, so you shouldn’t have to do much.


Infact this should be the first fix that comes to mind because you should already be doing it but make sure you have decent antivirus and anti-malware software running on your PC. KRACK attacks can be used to inject malware into the sites you visit, and “just using common sense” will not protect you. We recommend using Windows Defender, which comes built-in to Windows 8 and 10, for your antivirus, along with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to protect yourself from browser exploits and other types of attacks. Even if all your devices are fully patched against KRACK, you should be using these programs.

Even if your router does get patched, that doesn’t mean it’s safe from other attacks. Someone could compromise one of your devices using a KRACK attack, then install malware that attacks your network in other ways like logging into your router using the password it came with. Make sure you aren’t using the default password on any device in your home, make sure your router uses WPA2 with AES encryption, and disable insecure router features like WPS and UPnP. These are all basic things everyone should do, but now’s a good time to double check.

Pending the time official patches are released, we can always stay safe using these tips.
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