​iPhone Stops Bullet, Saves Woman’s Life in Las Vegas Shooting (Picture Inclusive)

CNN Executive Producer Jason K. Morrell has posted a picture of an iPhone hit by a bullet from the worst mass shooting in mordern U.S history which occurred on Sunday night at Route 91 Harvest Country  Music festival. The actual picture was taken by a Las Vegas Taxi driver who picked up the owner of the phone. 

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The woman, who is yet to be identified happens to be the owner of the iPhone according to her, her life has been saved by a bullet apparently from the shootout which struck her Rose Gold iPhone instead of her while attending the above Music Festival where the worst mass shooting occurred.

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 After being miraculously saved by her iPhone from the festival ground, she was picked up by the Taxi driver whom she narrated her new death encounter and also showed him the bullet struck iPhone. Though the woman was unharmed however, her iPhone was extensively damaged around the charging port area as a result of the bullet struck according to the picture taken by the Taxi driver.

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The iPhone had an aluminium alloy backing. According to the picture posted by Jason Morrell, the unidentified woman was said to be holding the phone in her hand when the bullet struck it just some inches away from her body.

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