​Latest Airtel Data Subscription:  Get 4.5GB For #1000, 9.5GB For #2000 And 19GB For #4000

In order to stay ahead of competitions and garner more subscribers onboard their networks, most ISP have come up with one mouth watering offer or the other.

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When it comes to internet speed and data allocations, Airtel is one Internet Service Provider that can not be overlooked, infact, the network provider is one of the best in the country or which Internet Service Provider allocates 4.5GB of data for #1000 or whooping 9.5GB for just #2000?

Recall we recently updated a post on the “New Airtel Smart recharge” which we termed “great grand masters of data” as it gives 10X bonus for data and calls” at very cheap rate also, not forgetting Airtel double data which gives 6GB of data for just #1500.

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In order to further daze subscribers of the network with more enticing offers and possibly prove to other ISP “Airtel” dictates the piper’s tune, Airtel has once again introduced a new plan which offers browsing data and absolutely free YouTube streaming at very affordable prices, with this new plan, a subscription of #1000 give you 4.5GB of data where 1.5GB is allocated for Android data + 3GB for YouTube streaming.

Below is the complete breakdown of this new plans, subscription fees and YouTube data allocation.

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★ Recharge #1000, get 4.5GB data (1.5GB Android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)
★ Recharge #2000, get 9.5GB data (3.5GB Android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)
★ Recharge #2500,  get 15GB data (5GB Android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
★ Recharge #3500, get 17GB data (7GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
★ Recharge #4000 get 19GB data (9GB Android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)
Subscribing to any of these plans is very easy, just do these:
★ Simply recharge the corresponding Airtime amount
 ★ Dial *323# 
★ A guide through pops up on your phone screen
★ Select your desired plan to subscribe.

Just like every other normal plans, any of the above plans carry a 30-day validity period but the Youtube streaming data is only available for usage at night.

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