Are you presently in dare need of a Job? Or perhaps you have searched and searched endlessly yet none seems to be forthcoming. If you haven’t lost hope, this could be your chance to secure a Job with TSTV Nigeria.

As we all know, TSTV which is the acronym for Telcom Satelite Television, is the latest entry into Digital TV in Nigeria. Infact, it is to be launched in Nigeria today 1st of October. What is the implication of this? The only implication of this is that it will create massive employment opportunities for the unemployed in the country. As a matter of fact, we got hints that TSTV will be creating not less than 5000 employments in the country.

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 This is not coming as a surprise though  as it is normal with every new establishment to recruit staffs to help carry out its day to day activities in order to have smooth daily operations. 

Now the question now is “how do i go about the recruitment process? Although, there is no news about recruitment on their official website www.tstvafrica.com presently but it’s obvious  the site hasn’t yet opened for recruitments but we will update you once recruitments start. Infact, as far as this blog is concerned, we will be doing our best to update our readers when we get any update on TSTV recruitment.

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TSTV is operated by ABS and Telcom Satellite TV promises to offer Nigerians the best of family entertainment ranging from local and international Channels offering the best in Sports, Movies, Sitcoms, Documentaries,News, Music etc without extorting Nigerians. TSTV also offers pay per view system.



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