​Watch As Indonesian Man’s Samsung Galaxy Burst into Flames From His Chest Pocket

…… As seen from the video below, there was a BANG, followed by blue flashes, sparks of fire, then smoke began emanating from…..

2017 was no doubt a year Samsung Electronics will never forget so soon, being the year the company lost billions of dollar as a result of battery defect in one of its flagship device “The Samsung Note 7” which  tarnished the image of the tech giant to a large extent.

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But then, Samsung Electronics, being the largest smartphone vendor by volume took the bold steps by recalling these faulty devices and also putting necessary measures in place before recently unveiling the Note 8 phablet. 

However, it’s like the Note 7 isn’t the only Samsung device that is capable of exploding as another disturbing video of another Samsung phone bursting into flames right from the breast pocket of a user surfaced this week and this time, it is not a Note 7 but a 2013-era Samsung Grand duos😨.

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The Indonesian man by the name ‘Yulianto’ can be seen from the CCTV footage minding his business at his place of work “Hotel Ciptra Semarang in Jakarta when his 2013-era Samsung Grand duos😨 spontaneously burst into flames from his breast pocket, according to a Channel News Asia report.

As seen from the video below, there was a BANG, followed by blue flashes, sparks of fire, then smoke began emanating from his chest, as the panic-stricken man falls to the ground in a frantic frenzy to get his shirt off. Seconds later, a bystander can be seen stepping in to help.

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“There was a strong sensation of heat and I felt something start to shake,” Yulianto said, while adding that “Before I knew what was happening there was fire and I panicked. I took off my shirt as quickly as I could.”  

Yulianto, sustained minor burns and was transported to a local hospital after the incident took place.

According to Yulianto,  he has never had problems like this with his phone before so he naturally theorized that the battery was to blame for the explosion, Indonesian police however, remained adamant that it’s more probable that Yulianto’s simultaneous use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS contributed to the extreme overheating since the device wasn’t connected to a charger at the time of the explosion, the report said.

This is however the first report of the Samsung Grand Duos exploding.

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