​WhatsApp Gets Own Universal Emojis For Android Devices 

Whatsapp, an Instant Messaging App owned by Facebook releases its very own universal emojis on its latest Beta v2.17.364 for Android users on Monday. 

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These universal sets of emojis however looks very much more like the Apple’s emojis if not properly looked at this is because both emojis look almost exactly the same but obviously, there are differences in both platforms’ emojis.

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According to a report by Emojipedia, these emojis are only for Whatsapp Beta version for now. It may also interest you to also know not only Whatsapp beta is getting these universal emojis but Facebook will also be getting its own as it plans replace messengers emoticons to give same look over both applications since both are owned by the same source apparently.

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Earlier, WhatsApp released Beta v2.17.340 update for Android users and with this, users will have granular control to clean up the phone’s storage. 

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The Beta version offers Storage Management section into the settings menu, which allows users to mass delete specific type of message (text, audio, video and more) from the conversation while saving other.

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