​Why Are Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus Splitting Open While Charging?

 Why are Apple’s iPhone 8 plus splitting open while charging? 

If there is anything that should be of great concern to Apple Inc. presently, then, it’s probably going to be the reported cases of one of the tech giant’s recent flagship models “the iPhone 8 plus” splitting open while charging.
As a matter of fact, pictures of the iPhone 8 plus splitting open while charging has been shared online by one Taiwan and another Japanese user.
The Taiwanese customer told Chinese media sites her iPhone 8 plus is splitting open from its body despite being charged with an official Apple power adapter. The handset has however been returned to Apple for investigation.

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Apple has also confirmed that it is aware and also carrying out investigation as to why the iPhone 8 plus is splitting open from its body while charging.
As it is not yet clear what caused the damage, but it is believed the splitting is not as a result of overheating  rather, it could be as a result of swelling caused by the glass inside the device.

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The iphone 8 and 8 plus which went on sale barely two weeks ago feature a new glass, aluminium design, an A11 “Bionic” chip and wireless charging.
It should be noted that devices experiencing minor battery failures are bound to happen once in a while, but let’s just hope it doesn’t escalate to what Samsung Galaxy Note 7 experienced barely a year ago where cases of the device massively exploding were reported which eventually led to its recall. 

Let’s just hope this doesn’t multiply as Apple could have a serious problem on its hands.

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