​Your Trusted Friend Will Hack Your Facebook Account In Just 3 Minutes Using This Simple Method

This post guides on “How a Trusted contact can actually hack a  Facebook account and also how to protect yourself from one”. However, this is only intended for educational purposes only and we assume our readers see it as such. We are not in support of hacking / session hijacking of any such.

Hacking Facebook account has become very easy these days as there are several ways to achieve it online. Some of the most popular methods to hack a Facebook account are through brute force, phishing, cookies and also through password and password resetting.

Well, there are several reasons why attackers would love to hack a Facebook account or hijack a Facebook session but we’ll probably be discussing that some other time.

Back to the main issue, Trusted Contact as some of us already know is a Facebook account recovery feature which sends secret access codes to some of your close friends in order to help you regain access to your Facebook account in case you forget your password or lost access to your account.

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However, caution needs to be applied when trying to help a Trusted Contact on Facebook forward the recovery code sent to you as you could be helping an attacker gain access to your Facebook account😨😱.

This is because researchers just detected a new Facebook phishing scam capable of tricking the smartest individual into helping an attacker gain access to his Facebook account.

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According to a public security alert published by AccessNow, the attack initiates by an already compromised account of one of your friends, asking for urgent help to get back into his/her Facebook account.

 The Access Now says, “So far we’re seeing the majority of reports [falling victims to this new Facebook phishing scam] from human right defenders and activists from the Middle East and North Africa.”

Here is how the attackers hack a Facebook account. In order for the attacker to hack a Facebook account, he trick his supposed victim into releasing information needed to gain access to his (victim) account, of course, he’ll be on your friend’s list, so he contacts you to inform you that you are listed as one of his/her Trusted Contacts on Facebook and then asks you to check your email for “his” recovery code and share with him. 

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But in the actual fact, the recovery code he (attacker) is asking you to send is not “his recovery” code to regain access to his account but details about your “Forgot password” request. As he has already initiated the “Forgot my password” on your account in order to hijack your Facebook account. 

Facebook, unknowingly would try to assist you regain access to your account by forwarding the details into your Facebook linked E-mail address since it doesn’t know you weren’t the initiator of the “Forgot my password” request and the moment the victim ignorantly forwards this “Forgot my password” details which the attacker makes you believe as his recovery code, your account is instantly hijacked.

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“The new attack targets people using Facebook, and it relies on your lack of knowledge about the platform’s Trusted Contacts feature,” Access Now warns.

You should know Facebook’s Trusted Contacts feature doesn’t work the way this phishing attack suggests.

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 Any of your Facebook friends can intentionally trick you into handing over your Facebook account to them using this very simple trick and also, caution should also be applied when accepting new friend’s request as an attacker could easily send you one to you for the sole reason of hijacking your Facebook account. 

Again, be very vigilant to every recovery emails you receive, and read the content of the E-mail carefully, even if it is sent by your trusted friend. 

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