​Zanco Tiny T1 Is The World’s Smallest Phone

With weight lighter than a coin, Zanco Tiny T1 has been unveiled as the world’s smallest phone. Just as the name ‘tiny’ implies, the phone is even smaller than the human thumb and also 4 times smaller than an average iPhone.

However, despite its small size, the Zanco Tiny T1 is unique on its own as it does virtually everything expected of a mobile phone. The smallest phone is actually capable of storing up to 300 phone numbers as contacts, 50 messages and 50 call logs as well, battery life is also outstanding, battery capacity is 200 mAh with a 3-day standby and 180 minutes talktime.

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 Also the Zanco Tiny T1 can work with any mobile phone network in any part of the world unlike some phone brands and this is due to the fact that this world’s smallest phone is not in anyway locked to any network which makes it a global phone, as such, you may decide to switch network provider at any point in time by just changing the provider’s nano SIM card to your new network provider.

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The World's Smallest Phone

 Also, Zanco Tiny T1, world’s smallest phone supports a 2G network which is still cool, considering its size and specs, who needs 3G on a phone without internet access in the first place? The phone also comes with unique lanyard attachment which you can always wear around your neck, making it look pretty much like a pendant. The phone also has a keyboard, speaker and microphone just like every other phones. 

The World's Smallest Phone

The Tiny T1 costs only £30 and dubbed the cutest phone, if you are also thinking of getting one, here are what to expect in terms of specs.

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★️ 300 Phonebook memory
★  50 SMS Messages
★  50 recent call logs
★ Nano Sim
★ 32MB RAM + 32MB ROM
★ 12.5mm OLED screen
★ Micro USB charger
★ 13 Voice changers
★ MediaTek MTK6261D
★️ 0.49-inch OLED (32×64 pixels) display
★️ 200mAh battery.
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