​​​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

With almost everyone now into cryptocurrency, the demand for  Bitcoin has been on the rise which also brings about the rise in Bitcoin merchants. However, the alarming thing is, the rise in Bitcoin merchants also brought about the awakening of Bitcoin scammers like Angela E Momoh and several others. But as a way of preventing people from falling into their baits and probably motivating the necessary law enforcement agencies to take action, we have decided to reveal their ugly arses and mode of operation in this post, this we believe would prevent other people from falling cheap to their baits.

​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

Trading Bitcoin online is no new thing neither is it a bad thing but trading Bitcoin with a random self acclaimed Bitcoin is actually a very risky and dumb thing to do most especially when the only details you have about them is the data on their social media page i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…

One of our blog partners and two other friends recently got scammed of #66,000k meant to foot $200 worth of BTC, the two other friends also lost #33,000 = $100 each within a week on Facebook to an unrepentant Bitcoin scammer with Facebook username as Angela E Momoh. 

​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

The said Facebook Bitcoin scammer gets her unsuspecting victims through page/groups comment box spamming, she goes into any Facebooks’ posts telling people she has Bitcoin for sale. This approach obviously works for her since she gets numerous victims through this method which is probably because she uploads cool and deceptive pictures to her timeline.  

​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

From comment box, she sends potential victims friend requests, from there she starts sending PMs also, sharing Bitcoin related posts most times is another of her tricks which make unsuspecting victims assume she is legit. 

​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

To further perfect her game, she tells you she buys and sells at reduced prices, once you agree to her rate, she will send you her account details which is as follows:
Bank Name: Diamond Bank, 
Account Name: Momoh Evidence A. 
Account Number: 9983575160
Immediately she receives your bank alert or your transferred Bitcoin to her wallet, she would immediately block you from sending further messages to her on Facebook, this doesn’t only block you from chatting with her but also blocks you from posting about the incident to her timeline to warn other potential victims.

​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

Here are some of her timeline’s photos, though these photos are not real as they are were taken from someone else’s timeline. Nigerian banks and the EFCC are obviously making fraud cases like these thrive since reported cases like this don’t get attended by the Banks and so called EFCC. 

​Bitcoin Scam Alert: Angela E Momoh Is A Bitcoin Scammer

Definitely, Bitcoin scammer ‘Angela E Momoh‘ and other crooks owe most Nigerian banks and EFCC alot for not taking actions when scam cases like these are lodged, no doubt you both help grease these scammers’ elbows. 

If you ever gonna deal with any bitcoin merchant, we suggest you get to see one on one in order not to lose your hard earned cash to scammer such as Angela E Momoh and a whole lot of them on social media.

Ever been scammed in your bid to acquire Bitcoin? Let us know by dropping a comment below.



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