18 Year Old Hacks School System To Change Grades

“It’s not fair to the people that really try. Like, I know a lot of kids are in AP classes, and they try really hard to get the grades that they get. I don’t know, if you’re just going to be lazy and then change your grades, that’s not what learning is about”, this was one of the written confessions to the Principal by Mayan Dehry, one of the students of Miami University.

Another fellow student by name Brett Curtis says:

“We have almost 3,000 kids here who come to school every single day, who work hard for every single grade that they earn”.

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These obviously shows other students of Miami University are not pleased with the activities of one 18 Year-Old Jose Bautista who was found changing his grades and four other students’ grades, after successfully breaching the school’s computer systems. 

However, the boy got bursted:( on Thursday by the Miami School Board Police after other Students reported the issue to the Principal. 


“I’m sorry that it happened, but I know that these are super smart kids here and young people are young people. I don’t know that child and I’m sorry that he did that,”

His aunt and grandfather told media.   

Bautista faces four counts of offenses against intellectual property, public records exemption, and four counts of offenses against computer users and all counts are felonies.

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He was later released on the second day of his arrest on a $20,000 bond but still placed on house arrest and also required to wear a GPS monitor 👅👄😂according to the court ruling. 

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