6 Money Making iPhone Apps You Can’t Afford Not to Use

6 Money Making iPhone Apps You Can’t Afford Not to Use

As the cost of commodities like food, clothing, and consumer electronics continue to rise, savvy shoppers are increasingly scouring for ways to boost their disposable income and save cash by taking advantage of the many fantastic rewards and rebate offers available on the web.

The App Store is home to several must-have mobile apps designed to help you earn cash and high-value rewards, save money on the things you already buy every day, or sell your previously-loved gadgets and goods at the tap of a button.


 Checkout 51

Checkout 51

If you’re heading out to stock your coffers, then you might as well stock up on the savings and cash back rebates while you’re at it. Fortunately, with Checkout 51 in your pocket, that’s never been easier.

Browse hundreds of local rebate offers, special cash back opportunities on every day purchases at your favorite retailers and more. Offers are updated every Thursday afternoon to reflect the latest savings and maximum potential rebates.

Looking for even more cash back opportunities? Simply snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to see what rebates are available in your area. Download and register a free account with Checkout 51 today.



Do you consider yourself an opinionated person? Do you feel like those opinions are worth more than you’re currently being paid to express them? Then i-Say is the perfect app for you. From the makers of ipsos panel, a leading global market research firm, comes i-Say — the app that literally pays you to voice your opinion!

Once signed up and registered, you’ll be eligible to participate in a wide variety of surveys in order to collect ‘i-Say points’. These points, when accumulated, can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal, check, gift cards and other popular products depending on your account balance. Download i-Say for FREE from the App Store and start voicing your opinion today.



Whether you’re looking to shop, take a vacation, dine out or make a purchase of any kind, you’ll definitely want to hold off until you’ve downloaded iBotta for iOS — where you can earn cash back rewards on your every purchases. Find local cash back and rebate offers on a wide variety of items from retailers of all kinds; then, head to the store with your smartphone in tow to rack up the savings. It’s really that simple!

“Ibotta works with leading brands and retailers to help you save money without the hassle of traditional coupons, discounts or promo codes,” the app’s developers say, noting that “Our customers have earned over $220,000,000 in cash back” to date.

Collect and redeem available rebate credits by scanning your receipt, sending it in for verification, and then saving or cashing in your rewards for store gift cards or cold hard cash via PayPal and more. Download the iBotta app for free today.



Shopkick is yet another popular shopping app designed to reward you with FREE store gift cards when you make eligible purchases at a variety of retailers, nationwide.

Heading out to make a purchase today? Before you go, check Shopkick to see what kind of offers are available in your area, and then instantly earn “kicks” (Shopkick rewards points) when you either purchase through the app or scan your qualifying receipt.

You’ll be able to redeem your kicks for store gift cards to Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Amazon, or over 20 other retailers. Download Shopkick for free from the App Store today.



If you’re looking for a quick and sure-fire way to pocket some spare cash, then look no further than the clutter in your closet. While eBay and Craigslist are traditionally the best places to try selling your previously-loved gadgets, movies, CDs, Games and more, they aren’t always reliable avenues — and that’s where Decluttr swoops in to save the day.

Using your iPhone or iPad’s camera, simply scan your item’s barcode and Decluttr will instantly give you an offer. “Once you’ve finished scanning, just click to complete your order and ship your items for FREE, then we’ll pay on the day after we receive your items,” Decluttr’s developers say.

Get an instant quote on items including consumer electronics, cell phones, games consoles, tablets and much more. Join the thousands of satisfied Decluttr users who’ve sold their goods by downloading the free Decluttr app.



Boasting exclusive offers from over 100,000 nationwide retailers and popular brands, Dosh is by far one of the most full-featured and opportunistic cash back apps on the App Store. And it’s so incredibly simple to use, too.

Connect your eligible credit or debit card once, and then sit back and relax as you earn cash back rearwards on the everyday purchases you already make by using that card.

The best part about Dosh is that you can receive the maximum cash back rewards allowed— whenever and wherever they’re applicable — without ever having to clip coupons or scan receipts. It’s an “auto-magical” process, so they say. Click here to download Dosh for free and start getting rewarded today.



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