how to enjoy monthly 60GB free night browsing on 9mobile network

How To Enjoy Monthly 60GB Free Night Browsing On 9mobile Network

​This post will guide you on how to enjoy monthly 60GB free night browsing on 9mobile network

To be sincere, ever since Etisalat NG changed to 9mobile users of the network have been enjoying one browsing tweak or the other. If you remember we posted 9mobile chat pack recently, as if that was not enough, we still went further to drop something on how to use Whatsapp for free on 9mobile network few days ago. The Whatsapp free cheat still works till date.

But when most people haven’t gotten over this free cheats, our team of geeks have decided to drop yet another tweak to use with the Whatsapp and Chatpack cheat. This is because we know the Whatsapp cheat only works for Whatsapp and because we are committed to making our blog followers get only the best off their hand held devices.

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This particular cheat is actually cloned from 9mobile free Youtube streaming which is always between the hours of 1am – 5am once you subscribe to a data plan with data.

The free midnight Youtube streaming has a month validity with 2GB usage every night which allocates to 60GB in one month. But 9mobile only made this offer to work with Youtube streaming alone. But following this post guides you on how to extend this Youtube streaming offer to browse the internet everynight for 30 days until next subscription. This means you get 2GB every night to browse the internet and not just Youtube alone for 30 days which accumulates to 60GB monthly😱😱. 60GB is a real big deal if you ask me.

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To use your monthly 60GB to browse the internet here are what are required:
— Active 9mobile or Etisalat Sim
— Android phone
— Good 3G network
— Anonytun VPN






— Download AnonyTun VPN
— Migrate to Easy Clique (*200*2*2# select 1 to change to more clique)
— Dial *545*3*1# for 100data bonus
— Recharge #500 airtime
— Subscribe to #500 monthly plan with this code *200*3*1# and select option 3
— Launch AnonyTun VPN and configure host to
Check below screenshots for stealth setting, use the settings as seen on the screenshots but change host settings to above.





After a successful configuration, you can now use your 2GB to browse the internet from 1am-5am every night for 30 days which makes up 60GB in total.

The 60GB was only meant to be used for Youtube streaming before now but with this settings, we can now surf the web with it.

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