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Funny Geeks is a tech blog built to familiarize our esteemed readers with the latest trends and happenings in the world of tech. The blog, through posting of relevant articles provide essential tips and tricks on how readers can maximally utilize and get the best out of their everyday Apps, Android, iOS Smart phones, Mac, Windows, PCs and any other gadgets.
The tech industry is no doubt a vast one and to cover every aspect, we have grouped our posts into sections.

Our HOW TO section provides essential tips, tutorials and workabout on how to get the best out of those everyday Apps, smartphones ad other gadgets.
Our NEWS section is promptly updated with only worthy posts from major Tech giants around the world. And this is because our team of geeks are constantly sourcing for News immediately they break.


Everyone needs cheap and affordable data plans to browse the internet, but what if you could actually browse the internet for free without an active data subscription? This section delivers just that by updating our esteemed readers with the latest free browsing cheats and most affordable data plans.

Our REVIEW (Apps, Phones and Games) section posts features of just about and only the best Phones, Games, Android and iOS Apps available. We are so conscious of the fact that Apple/Google store play host to millions of Apps, but getting just the right App is a big task, more so, when we have to consider key factors like overall App’s functionality, simplicity and minimal storage usage. To this end, we review only the best Android, iOS Apps, Phones and Games. At Funny Geeks, we are just passionate about letting you get only the best reviews.

The category “PLATFORMS” has three drop down sub categories i.e Android, Widows PC and iOS and feature posts which align to any of these sub categories.

OTHER section of the site covers just about every others thing.

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