Acer Unveils Swift 7 ‘World’s Thinnest Laptop’ With A Nano-SIM (See Specs, Price And More Photos)

With a body thickness trimmed down to just 8.98mm, Acer has unveiled the most svelte ultraportable laptop making it the world’s thinnest Laptop at CES 2018. But asides being the slimmest Laptop in the world, we decided to take a look at its specs and other distinguishable features and price.

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The previous Acer Swift 7 was no chunky monkey but the new version has been trimmed down to a mere 8.98mm thick, prompting Acer to claim it as the world’s slimmest Laptop.

Acer swift 7

Such claims are all well and good but if the thin laptops can’t fit in a decent spec then the whole thing becomes very much a tech willy-waving contest only with the idea that smaller is better.

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Yet the new Swift 7 manages to fit in a solid, if unremarkable specification. Rather disappointingly the laptop has a seventh-generation Kaby Lake Core i7 processor rather than the new Coffee Lake chips, not that the older chips are particular slouches when it comes to performance.

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Alongside the CPUs, the Swift 7 has 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and a 265GB PCIe SSD; all in all pretty decent, if not remarkable.

Acer swift 7

Back on the outside you’ll find the all aluminium chassis holds a 14in full HD display, which is a step up from the 13.5in panel of its predecessor.

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One interesting feature of the Swift 7, aside from its minimal girth, it the presence of support for nano-SIMs and 4G LTE connectivity, which shows that Acer clearly sees this laptop as a proper road warrior machine for people constantly out and about; we don’t leave the house much so we’ll let you imagine what this ‘on the move lifestyle’ is all about.

Acer swift 7

We were slightly taken aback by the price of the Swift 7, which stats at $1,699, which is around N611,640 though we’d buy a hat and eat it if Acer decided to do such a direct price exchange; we reckon the Swift 7 will start at around the £1,400 price mark.

Acer swift 7

Obviously, Acer is expecting people to pay for the slimness not the specification, as other machines offer more power and access to Intel’s latest processors for around a similar price at a little more thickness.

Still, with CES 2018 in full swing, it’s probably only a short matter of time before another laptop maker makes a play for the world’s slimmest laptop crown.

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