Apple Loses Steve Jobs’ Rights To Two Italian Brothers 

An Italian clothing company has finally won the right to name their company “Steve Jobs” with brand’s name and logo obviously mimicking the Cupertino iPhone maker after years of legal battles, that’s not all, a Steve Jobs Android phones and electronics could also be coming soon.

Apple Loses Steve Jobs' Rights To Two Italian Brothers

Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato from Naples are the pair of brothers who now has the right to own and name their clothing company Steve Jobs after a though and long legal battle with the Cupertino iPhone maker.   

 It should be noted that the legal battle has been on since 2012 when the two brothers noticed that Apple had never trademarked Steve Jobs’ name. The Barbato brothers were already in the process of starting their own clothing company, and they decided that “Steve Jobs” would be the perfect brand name.

Apple Loses Steve Jobs' Rights To Two Italian Brothers

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These Italian brothers obviously have something to achieve with this as everything from the brand’s name to the brand logo hints about the Cupertino iphone maker. The company’s logo a styled “J” has some of apple’s logo attributes, the “J” has a bite taken out of it just like the bite on Apple’s logo and also has a leaf seen on the iPhone logo.

Apple Loses Steve Jobs' Rights To Two Italian Brothers

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Apple decided to take legal actions against the Italian brothers when it was so obvious the duo were mimicking Apple’s co- founder Steve Jobs with the branded “J” and also their own logo with the familiar leaf and bite on the “J” Barbatos’ logo.

In 2014, Apple’s trademark opposition was rejected by the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office IPO which ruled in favor of the Italian brothers. “The letter “J” on the Barbatos’ logo is not edible, and therefore, the “bite” in the letter cannot technically be a bite mark” IPO told Apple when the latter claimed the Barbatos’ logo infringed on their iconic trademark.

While the Barbatos won the legal battle in 2014, they were barred from discussing the details of the case until now due to the fact that the claim on the brand wasn’t settled until this year.

The brothers now claim to have full legal right to use the name and logo globally. They are reportedly continuing to work on products under the Steve Jobs brand, and currently sell a range of clothing items such as t-shirts, bags, jeans and accessories. But their ambitions may very well stretch beyond clothing.

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In an interview with Business Insider Italia, the Barbatos state that the eventual goal of the Steve Jobs brand has always been to release “highly innovative” electronic devices, a project that they said they’ve been working on for “years.” Indeed, the brothers added that they’ve been in talks with various Chinese manufacturers, and have hinted that an Android-based Steve Jobs smartphone may be on the way.

Despite their obvious attention-grabbing plans, the brothers insist that they’ll “respect” the name of Steve Jobs. “We will not do anything low-level, you will never see phones or TV shoddy with the brand Steve Jobs,” the brothers told Business Insider Italia. “We will have very high guidelines.
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