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​How To Completely Wipeout / Delete All Your Google Services Activities From Google Server

Why delete your Google activities?

For every Google activities you carry out, either on YouTube, Google Playstore, Google searches, picture / video downloads which ever Google platform you make use of. Google keep records of all these activities on their server in a bid to serve user better.

To buttress this facts, have you noticed if you watch a video on Youtube, the video and other related videos to it are suggested to you. Same goes for searches you have made on every Google platform you use. This shows Google keep records of everything we do on every of its platform to Google server.

These records are often kept by Google to optimize services for us but this might not really go down well with many of us especially when we consider what most of us search for online :roll::roll:.

Again, Google keep these  information for analytical purposes as well. For those who love to search and download X-rated contents on the internet, just know they are all logged on Google server.

To further buttress this, see everything Google has been storing about your online activities all these while here.

Well, the good news is that you can always get those logged activities off Google server and that is exactly what this post is all about. So just go through the steps below, also watch the video tutorial to delete your Google activities.

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How To Delete Your Google Activities From Google’s Server
— Go to Google account

— My Activity

— Tap top right corner

— Delete activity by

— From the list, select all product

— Tap “Delete”

— Tap “OK”

How To Stop Google From Saving Your Data Henceforth

— Tap top right corner

— Select “Activity Control” (To see web/App, location history, device info, Youtube activities etc)

— Turn off switch for each Google services you don’t want its data stored,

Applying the above settings will not only delete all your Google activities from its server but also stop Google from saving your data henceforth.

For those who don’t wish to go through the above process, another alternative to beat Google from logging your activities is to use Incognito mode on browsers when surfing the net.

You can also watch the video tutorial we made for this post below


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