Gionee Smartphones Maker Sacks About 4000 Workers

All doesn’t seem to be going down well Gionee, a Chinese smartphone company, as it recently sacked about 4000 workers which is about 50% of the 8000 staffs on the company’s payroll.

According to what Netease, Chinese media reported, employees of the company went on a 2 month break but were not paid their full benefits. They also said the layoff was presented to them as a choice between staying and being on a sort of compulsory leave or leaving and getting your benefits later. Whichever one you choose, you won’t be getting any payment for a while.

Gionee Smartphones Maker Sacks About 4000 Workers

If you have been observant, you will notice that while other phone manufacturers are releasing phones on frequent basis this year, Gionee hasn’t announced any new smartphone this year. In fact, Gionee wasn’t at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC2018) in Barcelona.

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Apart from that, users of Gionee phones are angrily demanding for release of updates just as other brands are doing but Gionee keeps giving deaf ears to their yarn.

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If you go to Gionee’s Facebook page, you will see or read all sorts of insults from fans who are not certified with the way Gionee handles software updates. Those waiting for Android 8.0 Oreo Update are being disappointed. Imagine a phone as big as Gionee M6 is still stocked at Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

“Even hardware replacement is becoming something else. Few months ago when the screen of my Gionee M6 broke, I requested for replacement and Gionee told me it will cost N28,000 to replace the screen. Can you imagine? In fact, the company is getting messed up and if they don’t act fast and fix this shit, they might be overthrown by competitors like Xiaomi, LEAGOO, Tecno, Infinix etc.”
The company is unable to pay its workers, unable to pay suppliers and advertising partners. Earlier this year, A Chinese court is said to have frozen 41.4% of the shares of the company’s founder, Liu Rong, for a period of two years due to unpaid gambling debts.

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