how to convert any Whatsapp Voice Notes to text

How To Convert Any Whatsapp Voice Notes To Text On Android And iOS Devices

​Here is a complete guide on how to convert any Whatsapp Voice Notes to text on Android and iOs devices.

Whatsapp is no doubt the most used Instant Messaging App with a massive 1 billion + users worldwide. The App lets you do virtually everything required from an IM i.e end to end encrypted messages, location, all files types sharing, voice and video calling etc.
Being the most used instant messaging App creates avenue for many developers to get their projects initiated with Whatsapp i.e developing Apps that either clone, tweak, has something to do with Whatsapp.

There are countless numbers of such Apps but among the notable ones are GbWhatsapp which happens to be a direct replica of Whatsapp and in fact it does everything Whatsapp do and even more. GbWhatsapp can conveniently work on the same device that has Whatsapp installed. This allows you run two Whatsapps on one device.

Another is Clone Whatsweb which we recently reviewed here. The App lets you spy and read other peoples’ Whatsapp conversations on your device without them suspecting. In fact, to me, this is the real Cheat catcher 👅👄 as it lets you catch cheating spouse conveniently. Get detailed review and download link to Clone Whatsweb here

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But today, we have decided to share something entirely different, tips on how to convert any Whatsapp voice notes to text without limit. This sounds so cool i guess?

Of course, this requires using a third party App “Transcriber for Whatsapp”

The App lets you transcribe Whatsapp Voice Notes to text, supports about 100 different languages, has 50,000+ download on Google Playstore, file size is less than 2MB.

Below is the Google Playstore details for the App.


Convert your voice messages (e.g. WhatsApp) into text (Speech to Text). Simply select a voice message in your messenger app and tap on the share button (take a look at our screenshots). Choose “Voice Message To Text” and that’s it. Your voice message will show up as text!

You are at a concert and can’t listen to WhatsApp voice messages of your friends? Let them display as text with “Voice Message To Text”. It’s so easy!


Currently supported languages

– Arabic

– Azerbaijani

– Bulgarian

– Bengali

– Bosnian

– Catalan

– Czech

– Danish

– German

– Greek

– English

– Spanish

– Estonian

– Persian

– Finnish

– French

– Hebrew

– Hindi

– Croatian

– Hungarian

– Indonesian

– Icelandic

– Italian

– Japanese

– Georgian

– Korean

– Latin

– Lithuanian

– Latvian

– Macedonian

– Mongolian

– Malay

– Burmese

– Dutch

– Norwegian

– Polish

– Portuguese

– Romanian

– Russian

– Kinyarwanda

– Slovak

– Slovenian

– Somali

– Albanian

– Serbian

– Swedish

– Swahili

– Tamil

– Thai

– Tagalog

– Turkish

– Ukrainian

– Uzbek

– Vietnamese

– Chinese



– Speech to text (STT)

– Transcribe/Convert voice messages to text

– Transcription of audio files

Now let’s see how to convert WhatsappvVoice Notes to text.



— Download and install Transcriber for Whatsapp fromGoogle Playstore
— Launch App (read the welcome instructions)
— Swipe screen from the right or just hit the “Arrow icon to skip the instructions
— Select preferred language from the list (you can always configure the options to your desired preference under UI)
— Now head to Whatsapp
—  Open the chat containing the Voice Note you wish to convert to text
— Locate the Voice Note from the conversation, press and hold  till its highlighted in blue
— Then click on the share icon at top left corner of Whatsapp
— Select Transcriber for Whatsapp from the lists of sharable icons
— The Voice Note will automatically start a rapid connection and within seconds, your voice note will be transcribed to text.
With this App, you can convert as many Whatsapp Voice Notes as possible for free. The transcrived Voice Note can be shared to anywhere.






— Install Audio To Text For Whatsapp
— Launch App and grant permission to access recognition
— Launch Whatsapp
— Tap and hold on the desired Voice Note
— Press “Forward” Tap on share icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
— Tap “Audio To Text” and the Voice Note will be converted to text.
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