​How to disable “is displaying over other Apps” notification on Android Oreo

How To Disable “Is Displaying Over Other Apps” Notification On Android Oreo

​How to disable “is displaying over other Apps” notification on Android Oreo might look very similar to how to disable annoying App notifications on Android devices but workaround are slightly different. 

With that said, if you are familiar with Android Marshmallow, you will notice Google added a feature which allows Apps to display on top of other Apps. Facebook messenger and some few other Apps took advantage of this feature to be able to essentially run on-screen at the same time as other foreground applications.

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This was meant to be a good feature initiated by Google but the truth is, it created problem for some Apps because some Apps wouldn’t run when something else was running on top of them. This often generates a “Screen Overlay Detected” error that was incredibly difficult to decipher once you got it.

Android Oreo also came with this feature but operation is well defined as here this is because Oreo makes it very clear when an app is running on top of other applications by generating a system notification to let you know what’s happening. 

The ability to show what’s happening in device’s background is a worthy feature but at the same time some people just don’t care and see this as just another notification cluttering up the bar every time something is happening behind the scenes(ish).

 For the sets of people who find this feature annoying, here is how to disable “is displaying over other Apps” notification on Android Oreo.
How to Disable “Is Displaying Over Other Apps” Notification on Android Oreo

— Wait until you see the notification pop up

—  Long-press it (You’ll long press the “[APP NAME] is displaying over other apps” notification, not the notification for the app itself)

— This will open the Android System notification settings panel.

— To disable the notification, toggle the slider to offA note will display letting you know this notification won’t show up anymore. Again, this is only for the app that’s currently running—a new notification will show up if another app is displaying over other apps. This is a very granular setting.

— Just tap “Done.” to disable the notification.
If for any reason you wish to re-enable this feature, below steps guide you on how to go about it.
How to Re-Enable “Displaying Over Other Apps” Notification

— From notification bar, tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

— Tap into the Apps & Notifications menu.

— Tap “Notifications,” 

— Then “Notifications (On for all apps).”

—Tap the three dot menu button in the top right corner,

— Select “Show system.” This will show system apps and apps installed from the Play Store in the list.

— Choose “Android System.”

— Find the notification you disabled earlier

— Then re-enable it by toggling the slider to the “on” position.

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