How To Disable Or Turn Off Last Seen Feature On Instagram (Status Activity)

Precisely last week, Instagram added a new feature to its App known as “Activity Status” and what this simply does is, it let’s your Instagram followers see your last time online. Just the same way the feature is available on Whatsapp and Facebook. Well both Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are three powerful platforms own by Mark Zuckerberg. 

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But obviously, not everyone would be pleased with the idea of this newly added feature “Activity Status” to its Instagram profile, most especially if you are the privy type who wholeheartedly hates the idea of followers seeing your last time online just as much as i do, then this post is for you as it’ll guide you on how to disable / turn off the last seen feature (Activity Status) on Instagram to avoid your profile being stalked or monitored. This last seen feature is always enabled by default.

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Infact, another reason why you need to turn off / disable the last seen feature on Instagram is; if your partner is the “over attache” type who always wants you to hit her up every time you touch down online, you could always avoid this by simply turning off / disabling your last seen on Instagram. 

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★ Login to your Instagram account
★ Tap on your “Profile Tab”
★ Tap the “Gear Icon” just beside “Edit Profile”
★️ Scroll down to “Settings” then toggle the switch next to Show Activity Status to turn it off

Once you turn it off, the activity status will be disabled and no one would be able to see your “last seen” 

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However, before you decide to disable / turn off the last seen feature on Instagram, note that this works just same way like  Whatsapp Last Seen feature as such, once you disable it, your followers won’t be able to see your last time online and would also not be able to see theirs as well but then, you would be able to see all their posts and vice versa.

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