how to encrypt any file format on Android devices

How To Encrypt Any File Formats On Android Devices

​This post guides you on how to encrypt any file format on Android devices.

Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information. This process is always necessary when you don’t want your data to get into the wrong hands. And if encrypted messages mistakenly gets into the wrong hands, he’ll not get anything out of it.

What encrypting does is, it changes plain text that would normally be easily read to a different AES Algorithm which could only be read after it has been decrypted. Without decrypting encrypted files, it won’t be easy for anyone to decode the content. Confidential information like bank statements, credit cards details, some text messages often need encryption. We can encrypt text, music, videos, photos almost any other type of files.

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There are many websites and Apps which can be used for encryption but as far as this post is concerned, we will making use of an Android App named ‘Crypten’.

Crypten is one of the best free Apps for encrypting files, this is because it is free, fast, encrypts all file formats and also very easy to use.

The App was developed by DynamiteChetan, with 10,000 + downloads, a 4.1 rating on Playstore and file size is less than 3MB.
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Using Crypten you can encrypt anything on your mobile device.This encryption app offers a comfortable and secure way to keep files with confidential data encrypted using most secure encrypting and hashing algorithms.

Using latest material design principles, this app gives you a easy way to keep your files secret and secure. 

You can encrypt your files with a Text Based Password or select a File as password.

Text messages are encrypted using AES algorithm which is protected by a password. These encrypted messages can be sent to all your favorite messaging apps and social networks. You can send secret information like bank account numbers, license information etc to any person very safely. Even if somebody reads the message, he will not get anything out of it because after encryption its absolutely safe.

★★★ Top Features ★★★

➤All file formats including all images and video formats are supported.Also .pdf, .apk, .xps and others works very smoothly in the app

➤Same file produces different encrypted outputs every time. This is attained with a random initialization vector (IV) stored within the encrypted file.

➤ Files are encrypted/decrypted on-the-fly, so content is overwritten. 

➤ When decrypting, if password is not the one used for encrypting, the process is aborted.

➤ Very secure KECCAK-512 hashes are used

➤ Encrypted files are appended the by a unique extension so that they can recognized only from the app.

➤Password can be obtained from keyboard or from a file

➤ Binary files can be used as passwords: for example jpg images, etc. 

     Caution: do not lose this ‘password’ file and do not modify it!

➤Files bigger than 2 GB can be easily used with the app

➤Speed is extremely high: the app uses a native OS library and CHACHA20 is a very fast encryption algorithm.

Below is the step by step approach to encrypting any file format on Android devices.



— Download Crypten from Playstore or directly here
— Launch the App
— Tap on Encrypt Text
— Enter your message and secret password
— Select encrypt and then tap on Crypt
— The message will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere you want. You can also click on the share icon on the bottom right corner to share your message.


— Open Crypten App
— Enter encrypted text in the box
— Followed by the password used to encrypt the text
— Select Decrypt and then tap on Crypt.
— Your decoded message will be copied to the clipboard this time. You can also view the message by swiping up the box at the bottom.
NOTE: If you share your message with someone, then he/she must know the password to read the text.


— Launch Crypten App
— Click on Encrypt Files
— Click on Choose File and select the files you want to encrypt
— Enter password and tap on CRYPT (You can also change your password method by setting up a different file as you password instead of your text password, In this case, you need to select the same file you chose as your password while decrypting your file).
To decrypt files, follow same steps as above.
In this way, you can secure all your important files and messages so that no one else can have access to them without your permission.

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