How To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

One of the attributes of iPhone devices are the security measures put in place to the extent that even new users have to use a pass code to unlock it for first use. In fact, iPhone is all about pass codes and security as almost everything requires password to unlock.
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While this security feature measure is a welcome development, it can turn out to be a thorn in the flesh especially when you forget  your password, where the only alternative here is to factory reset your device but to even achieve this, you will still need to input password and that’s where it gets more complicated but don’t worry as we will show you how to with just an iOS software.

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How To Go About This

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged
  • Backup your iPhone
  • Download iTunes on your Computer
  • Connect your iPhone to your Computer using a USB chord
  • Open the already downloaded and installed iTunes program on your Computer
  • Once connected, click “Restore iPhone” to get an iTunes dialog box, just go ahead to click on the Restore button.
  • After that, click on the Next > Agree button displayed in the iPhone software update dialog box.
  • Just wait for the restore process to complete.

Once the data has been completely wiped, you can now enter a new password and continue using your iPhone.



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