how to Hard Reset iPhone X

How To Hard Reset iPhone X 

​Guide on how to Hard Reset iPhone X

It’s natural for every gadgets to act funny once in a while, “funny” in this case means device misbehaving which could be as a result of minor bugs, over-multitasking of device. The iPhone X like every other devices also experience this once in a while.

When this happens,  one of the suggestions that comes to mind is to Hard reset the device (iPhone X as far as this post is concerned).

When we talk of Hard reset, we mean a forced reboot which helps troubleshoot minor issues on your devices. These minor issues could be any of these: network connections not working, device lags, gallery contents not coming up or any other issue for that matter.

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But looking closely at the design of the iPhone X, we would notice the Home button has been scrapped out to create room for newer edge-to-edge screen design. Which uses swipe gestures to perform same function as the Home screen button.

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With the Home button scrapped, the idea of Hard resetting the iPhone X might look impossible but it is actually possible.

Since the design of the iPhone X has changed from previous iPhone models, it is normal the method of Hard resetting should also change.

The process involved is very easy to carry out, kindly follow the steps below to know how to Hard reset iPhone X.


— Press and hold the Right Side button and the Volume Down button on the left side on the iPhone X at the same time  as indicated in the picture below

— Hold both buttons for about 10 seconds till device screen turns off and turns on to display the Apple logo

— Wait til your iPhone X boots up to the Lock screen

— This completes the hard reset process.

That is how to hard reset iPhone X without the Home button.

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