How To Know A Good Antivirus Software

Antiviruses are softwares developed to detect, block internet programs that threaten to infect, wreak havoc on your computer, hand held devices as well as our internet security. These threats are termed virus and might get into the Computer through activities you carry out on your PC i.e Websites you visit, E-mails, softwares downloaded also through media files you share with the computer via removables such as USB flash drives.

Immediately these viruses gets into the target system, they hijack the said PC by changing its settings, restricting files, programs and also creating avenue for hackers to steal personal data.

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Talking of stealing personal data and hijacking, just one nasty virus is capable of exposing one’s financial information to the bad guys. Or getting entangled in the traps of Ransomeware which is presently the fastest growing PC threats now.

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Ransomeware does exactly what the name implies, it holds you to ransom. Once this Ransomeware gets into the system, it immediately infects it, restricts access to the computer, prevents access to the internet, hard drive and even the files. The creator then demands huge amount of cash to remove these threats.

Purchasing, installing and updating the right third party Antivirus software is therefore a very wise decision since they are designed to combat these and many other threats by preventing the programs from entering the system, quarantining and removing any malware that does gets through 24/7.

But before picking up those Antivirus softwares there is need to know what and what are expected from them in order to get the best protection for your PC i.e they should be able to meet some criteria which we have listed below.

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What Is Expected Of A Good Antivirus Software

  • Anti-keylogger,
  • Webcam protection.
  • Flawlessly run antispyware tool.
  • Ability to automatically update.
  • Ability to quarantine sandbox.
  • Equipped with an anti-hacker firewall.
  • A good Antivirus should be light weighted.
  • Boost RAM, clean junk, speed up the device.
  • Ability to have its settings password protected.
  • Ability to thoroughly scan / E-mails / Windows registry.
  • Ability to fights malware via its cloud-based virus database.
  • Ability to automatically run a thorough full system scheduled scan.
  • Ability to thoroughly scan Web links to detect Phished sites and protect user.
  • Ability to evolve with the changes of internet threats in order to counter them.
  • Ability to seamlessly run on your computer without lag regardless of what you are doing.
  • A good Antivirus software should be equipped with built-in cloud file scanner to upload suspicious files.

Any Antivirus software worthy of consideration should at least meet some certain perentage of the above if not more.

We hope this post will help in picking the best Antivirus softwares for your devices. In our next post or there about we shall be listing and reviewing the best Antivirus softwares for PCs and handheld devices.


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