How to Post to Instagram From Your Computer

Instagram, as we already know is one of the best platform to showcase your pictures / videos to the world. Probably the reason it’s the choice of millions of users worldwide.

But just hearing the word “Instagram” the first thing that comes to mind is the App, despite the usability Android users experience from the App, same cannot be said of most Blackberry/Desktop users. Even though users can create account from Windows, you still might not be able to post from it.

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But if giving a third party app access to your Instagram account is not a problem to you then this post would certainly be of help as we have figured out the right app for the task but if the idea of a granting a third party app access to your account is not cool with you then, you might have to wait until Instagram releases an official tool for this.

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How To Go About This

  • Download and install Gramblr on your PC and Mac.
  • Open the app and create a Gramblr account. (To signup, Instagram username and password is required)
  • The app will open a new tab or window in your browser and prompt you to select an image.
  • Now, either click the big box and choose a file to upload or drag and drop an image or video.
  • Click and drag on the image to crop it.
  • Hit the Save
  • Apply filters or other effects you desire,
  • hit the green Continue
  • Next is to add your caption and hashtags if you wish.

That’s how to post to Instagram via your PC or Mac.

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