How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Text Messages On Android Devices

It’s easier to retrieve the instant messaging apps messages in case you format your Android phone especially when you have set the instant messaging apps to take regular backups. The problem is with the SMS text messages.

Before writing this blog post I had never paid attention to recovering accidentally deleted SMS text messages on my Android phone because one, I thought the messages were not important (whereas, in many cases, they are) and two, well, I never thought of the fact that these messages could be backed up.

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The best way to recover your accidentally deleted SMS text messages is of course to take regular backups. It’s actually quite easy. Just open the SMS text messaging app and go to the Settings menu. There you will get a Backup/Restore SMS text messages option. Depending on the model of your Android phone, your app may prompt you to email your existing messages to a pre-existing email address or backup the messages on your Android phone’s microSD card. This is one way of recovering accidentally deleted SMS text messages on your phone.

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But what if you haven’t taken backups and you really need the SMS text messages someone sent you last month?

Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do. There are some related data recovery apps available. For example, you can check out the Coolmaster Android SMS+ Contacts Recovery Android app

Though, it’s a bit expensive. There are many recovering deleted SMS text messages apps available if you search on Google. In dire situations you can also contact your carrier service and they may be able to help you.

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