How To Recover Deleted / Corrupted Files From SD Memory Cards

When getting a new device, one of the most important factors worthy of consideration is the size allocated for storage. But most often than not, we get to exhaust this in-built storages with time. For this reason, the need for external storage arises to hold the massive digital contents we constantly create which include photos, videos, music and softwares we download.

We even hope to keep some of these contents for posterity sake just to preserve a memory.

But one thing we often fail to prepare for when it comes to issue of SDcards is the possibility of losing those precious Data which could be as a result of SD card corruption, virus or we even mistakenly deleting a very important file, a fate that some would liken to a catastrophic event.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this kind of situation with little or no hope of recovering those files then see this post as a lifesaver.

We already know the web has become a veritable minefield of scams with paid data recovery softwares, designed to either fleece or drain you, as such, we have put this together to teleport our esteemed readers to the end of the minefield by recommending the best and free PC softwares to recover the lost data.

It’s worth noting that while the focus of this how to is SD cards, all of these software will do great recovering files from any kind of media like your hard drive, external drive, thumb drive etc.

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How To Go About  Recovering These Deleted Files from SDcards

  • Get a PC
  • Connect the device i.e with the deletetd files to the PC (if storage is not read like a separate drive then remove the SDcard from the Phone or said device and connect them to their PCs via a memory card reader, a laptop built-in card reader or SD card adaptor).
  • Download Recuva (for Windows)
    Recuva  is a free software and works with PCs running Windows 2000 or above.
  • Load the SDcard on the PC via a card reader.
  • Select the corresponding drive in Recuva’s drop down menu. Run a scan via the Scan
  • The scan will return a list of files on the card, including deleted or corrupted files.
  • Just hit the Recover button to recover your deleted or corrupted files.



  • Pandora Recovery (for Windows)
    Pandora Recovery is another free-to-use tool that is less than 15MB download. It supports PCs running Windows XP or above. Just like with Recuva, users will need to load their SD card via a card reader, and perform either a Quick Scan or Deep (Surface) Scan to throw up results of deleted and corrupted files. The second option is for formatted memory, and while it is slower, it should turn up more results than a quick scan.

Users can then choose which files to recover from the results by right clicking. Alternatively, users can run the Pandora Recovery Wizard and follow on-screen instructions. Download Pandora Recovery here.



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