How to recover lost media files on Android devices

One of the things worse than an heartbreak on mobile device is getting to your Phone’s gallery / media, probably to view your pictures or play some tracks and behold, everything just go blank without trace of any of the folders or probably the folders are just there but showing 0 images, music and videos.

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The first thing to know is, you will always be able to view the lost files if you have a “file manager” just go through it or from a system but asides those, the files remain “lost”.

The first thing to do in this kind of situation is to check if your storage still retains the allocated  file size of the lost media, (To check this, Go To settings from your device, storage, Sd card to see the available space) if it still retains it then just take a chill pill and follow this post till the very end because by the time you are done, you won’t only recover your lost files but you would also know what actually got your media files lost in the first place and how you can avoid such experience in future.

You probably got your files lost after transferring some files from another Device/Computer/Laptop to your device but not just the usual media files but the real badass files, these files are always hidden with file name “.nomedia”. And as long as these files remain in a folder, it will hide all media files in it from showing up in media except the screenshot folder most times.

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How To Resolve This:

  • Download ES File Explorer from Google Play store Here Download Apk Here
  • Hit the 3 dotted bars at the top left corner to display the options (check photo)
  • Scroll down to “show hidden files”, turn it on (check photos)
  • Go back to the “ES File Explorer”
  • Hit the search icon, search“.nomedia”
  • Once search is complete, results for “.nomedia” would be shown
  • Mark all the “.nomedia” files and delete everything
  • Empty from recycle bin
  • Restart your device
  • Check your media files and see that they have been restored.


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