How To Remove Watermarks On Any Stock Photos And Download Them For Free

In this post, we would show you the easiest way to remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free. The best part, you wouldn’t even need to sign up or make payment to remove watermarks on those premium stock photos before you can download and use them for free.

These days, Stock photos or Stock images are most designers favourite, when it comes to making high quality designs. In an era where almost every brand is using Social media to create brands awareness through digital campaigns, getting the perfect images for campaigns is of paramount importance. This means getting images that will strike a chord with people instantaneously in a competitive environment where the possibilities for distraction are almost infinite.

As a graphic designer, web designer or an amateur just needing images to use in different projects, you must have come across the term “stock images” or “stock photos” online and obviously visited a couple of these stock photo sharing sites. Shutter stock, Getty Images, Allamy, Adobe stocks are some of the best stock photo sharing sites. What are these stock images?

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To the amateurs just probably hearing about stock images for the first time, here is a brief definition.

Stock photos which includes stock photography, vectors and illustrations are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

They are photos already created, made available for license by paying a fee to both the artists that produced them and the agency managing them, acquiring the right to use them legally in different ways, while the author still retains copyright of their work. Stock photos are about 1000 Pixels and more which makes them super clean, clear and attractive.

Stock photos always come with watermarks which you would need to make a purchase before you can remove them. But you would be able to remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free by following the easy steps we would be showing you in this post.


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The next question is “Why would you need a stock photo?”

Probably, the most immediate and most evident reason you might need stock photos is because they are great resources for high quality images that can always be used for any design purposes.

Another major reason is that stock photos are time and money saving. For instance, it is time and money consuming trying to hire a photographer to create a custom image for you.


There are several websites which let you remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free but many of these websites require processes that are not straightforward. For example, some website would require you to first signup before you can download your stocks, others only allow you download some particular brand of stock images. But here is an easier way to remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free on the internet. Just follow the steps below.

• Open Chrome browser

• Visit your preferred Stock photo website (There are a whole lot of them, also use Google search to get more)

• Search your preferred stock photo using the search box.

• From the search result, click on your preferred stock photo to open it (Your stock photo will open with watermarks but don’t worry)

• Just copy the image URL (To do this, just copy the entire text in the address bar or hold down image for about 5 sec, then click copy image URLfrom the pop up)

• Now visit this site

• Paste the copied URL from original Stock website into the search box

• Click on the “Generate” Tab below the box (Wait for about 3 seconds to fetch image)

• Click on the “Download” Tab to open your stock photo

• Long press the image to see “Download” option

• Save your stock image and use.

remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free

remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free

That’s how to remove watermarks on any stock photos and download them for free. The above steps let you download all Stock photos for free. You can also check out these “Shutter stock photos only” download sites below;

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