How To Get All Androids In-app Purchases For Free On Root And Non-Root Devices (Video Included)

​How to ​get in-app purchases! Get all androids in-app purchases for free for root and non-root devices(video also) for free might sound so untrue but it is actually so true. There are ways to get those lovely paid BBM stickers and several other App’s In-app purchases on android and iOS without spending a dime both on rooted and non-rooted devices.

Is there any possibility of getting products on  most popular international shopping sites like ebay, alibaba for free without even using your  credit cards? Well, we are always about dropping the best tips to help get the best out of our hand-held devices so staying up for this wouldn’t be a bad idea as we may decide to drop this soon. 

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In-app purchases are stuffs you need to pay for in most free Apps in order to enjoy additional options from the Apps. In most free games, these in-app purchases are made using your credit cards to purchase power-ups or coins needed to upgrade weapons in the game.

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Most free Apps also come with irrelevant ads which drain device battery and consume lot of data, but putting these ads on free Apps is the only way developers make their money. However, to stop getting these irrelevant ads, there is always an option to upgrade to the pro version which is always void of these ads through in-app purchases. From the above, it is obvious in-app purchases are paid options in free Apps.

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But there are ways to get all in-app purchases be it power-ups, unlimited coins without spending a dime. Infact, we were even able to upgrade to the pro versions of most apps which has the “upgrade to pro version” options in the free versions on non-rooted device.

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However, we intend to drop just two methods for getting in-app purchases on Android devices for now using Lucky Patcher App and CreeHack.
NoteIf it’s the first time downloading off playstore, you may need these work around tips to install Apps from unknown sources. So do these > Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Make sure unknown sources is checked.

Follow the simple steps below to get all these in-app purchases for free on both rooted and non-rooted devices. We even made it simpler by making a video to justify our claim.

But did you know Lucky patcher also allow you modify most online games to be played offline? We will be dropping this any moment so kindly like our facebook so as not to miss this.

Method 1: How To Get Any Android’s In-app Purchases For Free (Both Rooted And Non-Rooted Devices Usin Lucky Patcher)

— Download lucky patcher here

— Install and open Lucky Patcher

— From Lucky Patcher App, you will see the list of Apps on your device (make sure the App you intend to make In-app purchases from is already installed so it shows up when you open Lucky patcher)

— Hit / Tap the App or Game to make In-app purchases from in lucky patcher

— Hit on “Open Menu Of Patches”

— Tap on “Support Patch for InApp And LVL Emulation”

— Wait for the patch to complete

— Hit Launch to open the App

— Once the App opens, go to where you see the option to make that In-app purchases to get them free.

— Every In-app purchases on the App will now be gotten without paying a dime.

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Method 2: How To Get Any Android’s In-app Purchases For Free Using CreeHack 

Lucky Patcher isn’t the only App used to get In-app purchases for free so we’ll also drop the 2nd method using CreeHack.

— Download CreeHack here

— Open Creehack

— Enable Creehack

— Hit home button straight (do not use the back button. If you hit the back button CreeHack will be disabled)

— Now try getting In-app Purchases for free in any App

— Once prompted, tap on hack

— You will now get an In-app purchases for free

We also made a video tutorial, watch as we got In-app purchases for free below.

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