Instagram Might Let You Post Hour Long Videos Soon

The Facebook owned app could soon let you post recordings that last up to an hour, but will anyone stick around to watch them?

INSTAGRAM might let you share hour-long videos as it looks for new ways to beat rival Snapchat.

That’s a huge leap from the current one-minute recordings you can post to the Facebook-owned app.

Similarly, Snapchat also lets you share a maximum 60-second clip, although it’s broken up into ten-second segments.

Instagram is already chatting with influencers (the app’s popular power users) and publishers about creating long-form content for the service, according to sources who spoke to The Wall Street Journal.



Instagram video




So get ready to see even longer clips of people flexing on holiday, feature-length food porn, and maybe even full-blown original shows in the vein of Facebook’s original productions, which are currently limited to its Watch video section in the US.

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And expect plenty of ads to break up the action, because longer videos equal more marketing bucks, and Instagram is really keen to get you shopping on its app (home to tons of brands and thinly veiled ads from celebs).

The move comes around two years after the platform pinched Stories from Snapchat.

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These are the slideshow-style videos composed of images and recordings that disappear after 24 hours and can be customised with stickers and cute augmented reality graphics.

The new feature will reportedly retain the vertical video format associated with the feature (meaning the clips will be taller than they are wide).

Stories have proven massively popular on Instagram, with over 200million users sharing them daily at last count โ€“ that’s more than Snapchat’s entire 187million user base.

Therefore it’s no surprise that Facebook has introduced them across its social media empire.

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Facebook (currently home to 2.2billion users) has Facebook Stories. And WhatsApp introduced its own Stories clone, “Status”, in 2017.

Outside of the big blue social network’s ambit, the feature most recently popped up on Airbnb.

Whether or not longer Instagram videos will be as successful remains to be seen.

The rise of Stories, which are broken up in to skippable shorter scenes, has arguably only served to shorten our attentions spans and that doesn’t bode well for long-form social media content.

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But as long as the new feature has you spending more time on Instagram, the company will be happy.

Will you share one-hour videos of your escapades to Instagram? Let us know in the comments.

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