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​How to Install Incompatible Apps on Android from Google PlayStore

Today, we are dropping the complete guide on how to install incompatible Apps on Android from Google play store.
But who knew doing these very simple things would go a long in fixing Google playstore Apps’ incompatibilities?
Having posted something on “why we experience Apps’ incompatibility on Google play store, due to restrictions where we explained types and how restrictions work. See post here, if you missed it.

We won’t waste time on this. To install incompatible Apps from Google playstore, we’ll need to apply the methods below:

Bypassing Device Restrictions:

Our aim here is to portray our device to playstore as if it were one high end device like HTC ONE M8, Sony Xperia Fusion, LG Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy S5 which are some of the popular brands developers put into consideration. This is because most medium or low end devices get less recognition or are infamous to most of these app developers, which is one of the reasons for most apps’ incompatibility as they were not listed as supported devices.

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There are lot of ways to portray our devices as if it were a different one entirely on playstore, by changing device model and the easiest way to do this without bricking the device is to use an app named “Market Helper”.

Every Android devices include a device model identifier file named “build.prop” and this is what we would have tried editing. But with Market helper, we won’t need to edit as the App already comes preconfigured with list of most popular devices, carriers, locations to pick from.

Market Helper is not available on Google play so you would need to download directly from here

Note: If you have never downloaded any App outside Play store before now, then, you’ll need to enable Unknown sources in your security settings to proceed download.

How To Use Market Helper

— Launch Market Helper App

— Grant root access (device must be rooted)

— You will see 4 drop down boxes i.e device type, model, location and carrier.

— Click on each drop down to set your preferences according to what you want to download (i.e pick a new device, carrier, location, type from the list to enable you install incompatible apps on playstore as it would see your devices as the new device you selected from the device list and same go for carrier, location and type).

— Activate.


After activating, click the device manager tab on the popup message to see if your device has actually changed. Once it has changed, refresh playstore and search for your apps (you may need to search desired Apps with Chrome if need be to get the playstore link). You will now be able to install incompatible apps from Google playstore.



Having successfully installed the incompatible Apps, you may wish to revert your device model to its original, to do this, just restart your phone.

That is all about bypassing device restrictions to install incompatible Apps from Google playstore. This would most definitely fix the incompatibility issue if it’s device restricted but if it doesn’t, that means there is another form of restriction. So try this next tip.

Bypassing Regional/Country Restrictions

If after using the first tip, you still find it difficult to install incompatible Apps from Google playstore, then we apply this new tip.

Another reason you might still be experiencing that compatibility issue might be because the App is not supported / enlisted in your region”.
Some Apps are restricted to be used only in certain regions/countries as such, people living outside such regions will not be able to download them from playstore. Though, this restriction is an infamous hurdle compared to device restriction.

To fix this, we’ll need to fool Google to thinking we are surfing from another region of the world thereby allowing us to install incompatible Apps from playstore using VPN.
There are couple of good VPN Apps on Playstore, if you are already familiar with any,  use that once you are sure it works fine. But for this post we’ll be using TunnelBear.
What VPN apps do is, they are used for surfing the internet anonymously or disguise connection to a different location entirely. It is also used to surf restricted sites as well. Assuming i want an App not available to Nigerian region, Using Tunnelbear,  i can simply tell it that am in the US, and I’ll be able to download that same App.

How To Use Tunnel Bear VPN

— Download TunnelBear from Play Store.

— Launch the app then create an account.

— Turn on TunnelBear with the switch.

— Tap a tunnel anywhere on the globe and wait for the bear to tunnel its way there.

— When you get a connection request, accept it.

— You should now be able to install incompatible Apps from Google playstore.

You still might not be able to find apps directly in Play Store, but searching for the app name in Chrome should bring up the app link. You’ll now be able to click that link to install incompatible  Apps with playstore.

Note: You need to keep the VPN running in order to access content in restricted regions . If the app still says it’s not available in your country, clear the cache for the Play Store in Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and try again.

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