How to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID

iPhone X: How To Set Up And Use Face Id Feature 

Here is a complete guide on how to set up and use Face Id on iPhone X 

Apple Inc. recently released the iPhone X which happens to come with Face ID, a feature which allows users unlock the phone with his or her face. Prior to the release of the iPhone X, earlier versions of iPhones used Touch ID but this has been replaced with a Face ID. 

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Face ID according to Apple, is found to be more secure as the  company states that only 1 in a million people would be able to spoof your device when using Face ID, while for Touch ID, this number is 1 in 50,000.

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This claim should excite the users as its obvious they stand a better chance of their device not being spoofed according to the company’s claim. Still on Face ID’s security, data are securely stored locally on your phone and not transferred  to Apple’s server which could put your data at risk if targeted by hackers.

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Face ID as a new technology is powered by TrueDepth camera  system which relies on infrared, proximity sensors and a flood illuminator to scan and uniquely identify user’s face.

Even in dark places and at night, Face ID would still work this is because its process is invisible and doesn’t require visible light.

 Prior to setting up Face ID, there are what to do which we will be listing below. 

What To Know Before Setting Up Face ID On iPhone X

— Whole face must be within view of phone’s camera fo scan to complete

— Make sure no other person’s face appear within phone’s camera view during process

— Hold iPhone about 10-20 inches away from your face

— Background must not be too bright as it might affect Face ID scanning your face.

How To Set Up And Use Face Id On iPhone X 

— Tap on Face ID & Passcode.

— Select Enroll Face

— Tap on Get Started.

— Position your face so that it lies within the frame on your iPhone.

— Now move your head gently to complete the circle

— Make sure iPhone is held 10 to 20 inches away from your face

 — Move only your head and not the iPhone.

— Once the scan completes successfully, a message appears to inform you that your first Face ID scan is done. 

— Tap on the Continue button.

— Now repeat the same process to complete second scan

— Once done, your Face ID will be saved and you’re ready to use it.

That is how to set up and use Face Id on iPhone X. 

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In conclusion, setting up Face ID in iPhone X is necessary and very easy as you can see from the steps above. But how true is this 👇👇👇👇👇👅👄👄👅😸😸

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