Latest Chrome Browser Update Finally Kills Password, Let’s You Login With Your Fingerprint

Tired of using passwords to login on website? Google has finally come to the rescue with its latest update on its web browser “Chrome. The latest Google Chrome Browser update let’s you log into websites using either your fingerprint, your face or USB keys.

No doubt, some smartphones and laptops have been offering this technology for a while, but it typically only grants access to the device itself but it doesn’t let you log into websites, but now, you’ll be able to use the built-in tech on those devices and make your way into websites, too.

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In April, Google announced its Chrome 67 update would include support for WebAuthn? Well the wait is finally over has google just announced its Chrome 67 update is now available for everyone with the WebAuthn feature.

For those who do not know, WebAuthn is short for Web Authentication, it’s a newly added feature that lets users sign into any web pages or social media sites without needing to enter a password.

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This ultimately brings us to the end of the reign of inputting passwords, which means we won’t have to remember long slew of confusing, complicated passwords for loads of different sites or settle for simple easy to h* ck alternatives any longer.

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But then, the ultimate end to the era of inputting passwords may not be finally over as websites won’t be getting this functionality automatically. Websites will have to add support for WebAuthn before Chrome browser will let you log in using your face or thumbs.
Assigning your face or fingerprint to an account gives an additional layer of security that can thwart hackers.

Now that the technology is available on one of the most popular web browser’s globally, it’s likely that we’ll see more companies offering the tech.

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