Leaked Image: Blackberry Set To Rival The iPhone X (Leaked Image Inside)

At a point in time Blackberry was once not just a dominant force, but an innovative one, with handsets beloved by businesses, politicians, and fast-typists around the world.  

Infact, the flagship used to be one of if not the most expensive device with some notable attributes like the official Instant Messaging App “Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which was exclusively to Blackberry devices at a point before it was later released to other Os. The flagship also boasts of QWERTY keypads. QWERTY, refers to the arrangement of keys on a standard English computer keyboard on mobile devices.

 BlackBerry was once the dominant smartphone maker on the market but somehow, the brand lost out to the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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In an effort to recapture its lost glories, it recently switched to a new Chinese manufacturing partner and Android operating system, the company has actually been through a lot in past years infact describing Blackberry as the brand that “rise and fall in glory” wouldn’t be an understatement.


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But the brand seems to be coming back in style if the leaked image on the web about its coming device is anything to go by with an all-touchscreen phone that clearly drops the company’s famous physical QWERTY keyboard in favour of a more compact design.

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Here are some of the facts gotten from the leaked image:

— Reportedly called the  BlackBerry Motion
 — A waterproof handset with a home button and a 3.5mm headphone jack (two features notably absent from Apple’s high-end iPhone X handset).
— Expected battery life of up to 26 hours
— Will carry the full suite of security software that traditionally makes BlackBerry appealing to business users.
— No words yet as to how much it will cost.
— Gadget experts believe the phone may be revealed as early as this month.
We eagerly await the come back of our one time favourite brand and hope it takes its rightful position but certainly the iPhone X is big threat to contend with.

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