Man Jailed For Dangling Baby Out Of A 15th Floor Window Saying “1,000 Likes Or I Will Drop Him”

A man who held a baby out of a 15th-floor window in order to gain Facebook Likes has been sentenced to two years in prison. 

The man, who has not been named, posted pictures of his young cousin being dangled out of the window with a single hand gripping the back of his t-shirt.

The caption read: “1,000 likes or I will drop him”.

Facebook users who saw the post called for him to be arrested for child abuse and he has since been charged.

However, he has denied putting the baby’s life at risk and claimed that the pictures had been altered by other Facebook users.

“The picture was taken in a balcony with protective barriers,” he said, according to Ennahar TV.

“These were removed.”

The child’s father also called for the court to forgive the man, arguing that he had simply been playing a game.

This happened in an apartment block in Algiers, Algeria.
The judge, however, ruled that he had put the child’s life in danger.

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